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Flatbed Transportation

Operating within the eastern third of the United States, Flatbed Trucking Transport provides regional steel hauling services with a fleet of four drivers. Based in the beautiful Pilot Mountain, NC, we aim to offer the best customer service in the entire flatbed truck driving industry. Our small fleet gives us the freedom to exercise careful attention to detail with each of our clients, yet is large enough to accommodate the needs of steel builders throughout the eastern U.S. region. Our flexibility sets us apart from other trucking companies, and we seek to form a long-term partnership with each of our business clients.

As experienced business owners in the steel industry, we understand the necessity for the reliable, on-time delivery of building materials and steel freight, which is why we decided to start a flatbed hauling operation in the first place. There are many flatbed carriers in the north and southeastern U.S. that you can choose, whether you’re a driver looking for flatbed freight carriers to work for, or you’re a business that requires the consistent transport of steel building materials. When you choose us to handle your flatbed transportation, you can rest assured that you’re not just hiring another average trucking company to take care of your short-term needs. You’re getting a lifelong partner who will work to become an extension of your business and a vital part of your growth and expansion as we expand ourselves.

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A Dedicated Trucking Fleet

Maintaining a private trucking fleet for your business can be quite costly. That’s where we come in. Let us carry your freight with our dedicated services and enjoy all the perks of a private trucking operation without the added expense or hassle! Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring a company like ours to take care of your flatbed transportation needs:

Money Savings

As we mentioned before, the cost to acquire and maintain a private trucking fleet for your company’s flatbed transportation needs can become quite expensive. As business owners in the steel building industry, we understand this first-hand. If you’re wondering whether the use of a dedicated flatbed trucking fleet will save you money, the answer is a definite “yes!” It is a much more cost-effective solution than keeping and maintaining your own private trucks for consistent steel freight deliveries.

Reduced Waste

A dedicated flatbed transportation company helps you drastically reduce or even eliminate waste by by reducing driver downtime and optimizing routes to ensure efficient, on-time delivery. This reduces the consumption of fuel and results in lower payroll expenses. A dedicated, off-site logistics fleet also has the resources needed to manage any unforeseen circumstances that may occur, such as a shortage in drivers or failed equipment.

Increased Flexibility

Your focus should be on running your business. Operating a flatbed trucking fleet adds a whole other set of responsibilities and burdens that you likely don’t have time to manage. A dedicated fleet can handle any ups and downs in steel transportation requirements. So you won’t have to worry about hiring and firing drivers as your seasonal freight needs change. We can optimize everything to suit your business, so that you can be free to do what you do best, thereby increasing productivity and boosting your bottom line.

Service Areas

Our dedicated fleet services most of the eastern third of the United States, indicated by the blue sections in the following map. Call us today, and we’ll take care of your steel flatbed hauling needs.

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